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Transform your business today with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud System!
We are providing transformation of business processes using Microsoft Dynamics 365. With us, you will achieve substantial savings in the acquisition and operation of a business information system. At the same time, you will gain large strategic options in the form of scalability, security, flexibility and functionality of your business system.
Fortune favors the prepared mind

Security included in the price

Do you want to protect your company, employees, and partners from misuse, theft or disclosure of sensitive data? The security of your data within Microsoft Dynamics 365 is ensured by hundreds of top experts and the thus the highest security standard is already included in the price!

Save time and money

Low cost of ownership

Do you want to own dozens of servers, approve more and more invoices to restore them, employ administrators and technicians and additionally pay for energy, or do you just want to use an information system to support your business?

Order today, use today

Business solutions available immediately

Forget months of installing, implementing and software debugging. Do you request full support for your business today? MS Dynamics 365 is available immediately! Just choose what you need.

Scale up and down according to needs

Pay only what you need

With Microsoft Dyna 365 subscriptions you only pay funcionality and number of users you currently need. You can scale up for more users or more complex system by switching a button anytime in the future.

Work without interruption

Great service

Experts of Conceptica ensure reliable services associated with Microsoft Dynamics. We will train your people, import your data, adjust and customize your system. And all this will be done fast, without unnecessary delays and at favorable prices.